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Lyndon Baines Johnson
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( 8 pp) "LBJ" (1908-1973), 36th president of the United States (1963-1969). Johnson was the first candidate from a Southern state to be elected president of the United States for more than a century. He became president on November 22, 1963, hours after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Texas. In 1964 Johnson was elected to a full four-year term by the largest popular majority in modern U.S. history. His triumph represented a victory for the average voter in U.S. politics, with which Johnson, as a congressman, Senate leader, and vice president, had identified himself. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: BBlbjpres.doc

John F. Kennedy / The Man, The Memory, The Impacts
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A 16 page paper exploring the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Includes comparisons of his 'memory' with his actual accomplishments and those of other U.S. Presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and Bill Clinton. Bibliography lists five sources.
Filename: Jfk2.wps

John F. Kennedy As A Cold War Warrior
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A 30 page research paper which examines Kennedy presidency from the viewpoint that Kennedy was the epitome of a Cold War combatant due to the aggressive stance he took with the former Soviet Union. The writer covers such topics as the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall, as well as the plotting by the Kennedy administration to have Castro assassinated. Bibliography contains 15 sources.
Filename: Kencoldw.wps

The Presidency of John F. Kennedy and the Presidential Election of 1960
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A 10 page paper which discusses John F. Kennedy and the election of 1960. The paper provides a biography, a look at Kennedy's involvement in Congress and foreign affairs, and election information as it occurred in 1960. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
Filename: RAkenndy.wps

J.F.K., Civil Rights, & Lyndon B. Johnson
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A short yet concise, 3 page essay on the impact that John F. Kennedy's work on the Civil Rights movement would have on American society and how such influence carried over into the Lyndon B. Johnson years as well. The writer also touches upon issues concerning early American involvement in Vietnam and questions how American society might have been different if Kennedy had not been assassinated. Bibliography for second essay lists two sources.
Filename: Hist1877.wps

John F. Kennedy: Leader or Teacher
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A 5 page paper which discusses the leadership qualities of John F. Kennedy and then addresses whether he is more of a teacher or a leader. The paper also discusses Kennedy's familiarity with philosophical and spiritual works, as well as discusses the forces which seemed to drive Kennedy. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: RAkennlead.wps

John Kennedy Toole's "A Confederacy Of Dunces" / Its Relevance Today
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10 pages in length. To presume that Ignatius J. Reilly was merely a figment of John Kennedy Toole's literary imagination is to say that this personified manifestation of humanity does not live around every corner of every town. Indeed, the Ignatius J. Reilly's of the world are alive and well and infiltrating every segment of society, so much so in fact that reading Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces can be likened to a reflection upon contemporary civilization. The writer discusses how Reilly represents all the sourpuss negativity that permeates within and among this planet's inhabitants. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: Dunces.wps

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